Welcome to Humanities Prep
by Anthony M, Class of 2017

No we are not number one,
But we are the best.
We are people of different shapes and colors,
And we will always be put to the test.

And I repeat,
This is not a rap,
This is a spoken word
To represent a way.

And I repeat,
Because Love, Because Love, Because Love,
Because; Love.
Is a big part of our community.

And when we sit together, I call that unity.
A defiance to the “natural law”.

We represent all those who have or have not been forgotten.
A chant across the world that, OUR lives matter.

We are like the color orange;
Yet we hold onto our culture like doors on a door hinge.

Yes, Welcome to Humanities Prep.
A place you can spend a day in, and find a family in.
Where you can walk hallways happily and

To all my seniors I wish you the best,
No we are not like the rest.
But we are and always will be, Humanities Prep.