Current Openings


Humanities Prep staff members:

Collaborate with departments, teams and other staff to plan, implement & assess curriculum & to work on policies that move the school forward

Develop and implement written, oral, and visual Performance Based Assessments and project-based curricula

Are committed to justice and equity

Serve as advisors, fostering positive and supportive relationships with students that further their social and academic development

Communicate regularly with parents and students around issues concerning students' academic development and emotional well-being

Coordinate extracurricular clubs, after-school study groups, and other professional and administrative responsibilities; including participating in weekly staff meetings, school retreats and tutoring

Utilize a range of teaching and learning strategies to support all students, including special education and English language learners, in heterogeneous classrooms

Seek to consistently enhance and expand their content area knowledge and their pedagogical skills, possess and utilize effective communication skills with students, colleagues and families participate in restorative justice practices (Fairness Committees and mediations), and attend and facilitate professional development opportunities both in our own school and within the larger educational community.

Please send resumes to:
Principal Jeannie Ferrari at