What are Core Values?

Prep is a community, not just school. A community is a group of people who share common interests, concerns, and values. Being part of Prep means agreeing to share its Core Values.

Our Core Values are integrated into every course, and form the basis for how we deal with communication and conflict. They inspire the kind, caring and respectful interactions that all visitors note when entering our space.

Our rules and regulations are also based on these Core Values. We want you to live up to them. You are encouraged to think about them as well. If you believe a rule or regulation conflicts with our Core Values, you may work to have them renegotiated through raising your issue at a Town Meeting or Advisory session. Restorative Justice-based Committee meetings are integral and scheduled for students who find that adhering to our Core Values poses a personal challenge (See section on Fairness).


Our Core Values

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Respect for Humanity

Empathy & Action, Holistic Thinking, Creative Expression

To me, respect for the core value of Humanity means sharing, receiving, and coexisting with the hearts and minds of everyone. It’s the recognition of a person’s story and how it intertwines with your own.
— Justine F, Class of 2017

Respect for Diversity

Exposure, Acknowledgement, Inclusion

Diversity is the acceptance of people who are different, and respecting people for who they are and what they bring to the community.
— Jose P, Class of 2017

Respect for the Intellect

Curiosity, Engagement, Self-discipline

To me, respect for the intellect means being able to honor and hold an admiration for reasoning, thought, judgment, and wisdom.
— Arnicka M, Class of 2017

Respect for the Truth

Self-reflective & Revision, Debate, Evidence & Conviction

When you look in the mirror and see that you’re happy with who you are. That’s my meaning of truth.
— Brian F, Class of 2017

Commitment to Justice

Stewardship, Activism, Guardianship

I’ve always defined justice as doing what’s morally right even if it means you might be faced with pushback.
— Krystal P, Salutatorian, Class of 2017
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Commitment to Democracy

Citizenship in Class, School, Society

Committing to democracy is not just making sure that everyone has a voice, but ensuring that voice is being heard.
— Desteny D, Valedictorian, Class of 2017

Commitment to Peace

Non-violence, Conflict Resolution, Interior Peace

The absence of disturbance and discrimination between all humans and living in harmony.
— Joseph G, Class of 2017